Tuesday, 11 September 2012


A theme is the main or dominant idea in a piece of art or in this case,literature. It is the main thought which the writer is seeking to depict through words,images and the various illustrations used.

1.  Friendship to me personally, is more than just a relationship. It is an unfettered, undisputed bond between persons who (though they may not be blood related) are so closely knitted that they could be mistaken as being relatives. With that being said, it can already be recognized that a great deal of value is placed on friendship because it is my friends that help to motivate me each day.

2.      2. Though I have had several childhood friends and best friends, to be specific, none of them are still my best friends today. This is because we lost communication after we dispersed to different schools.

3.       3.Without loyalty proper relationships would not exist and this is in my opinion. Loyalty is a very important principle that I build my life on as I strive to maintain good relationships with people and most of all a good relationship with God. With such an obligation to Him, loyalty takes up an even greater roll and therefore means a lot to me.

4.       4.If my best friend were to betray me I would not be happy, in fact, I would be terribly upset. However, depending on the extent of the betrayal there wouldn’t be much to do but to restrain our friendship and slowly rebuild it.

5.       5.Around last year I had a best friend who was male and be built a very strong friendship. However, our friendship manifested into something more-we began liking each other. This is one of the cons of being best friends with someone of the opposite sex. Furthermore, our friendship became much more and things began to develop to a point where we were basically dating. After a month or so I found out that he liked my best friend. Then I was told that he only wanted her and he was using me until he got to her and I believed and basically through a silent tantrum. However, I later found out that that was not the case I was just a victim or circumstance.

6.      6. I cannot say if I was ever cheated on because I never witnessed such actions.

7.      7. If the betrayer was my best friend then that means that he/she disregarded the loyalty factor that should have existed in our relationship and I would have to break off the friendship.

8.       8.About a year ago I would probably operate on the principle ‘an eye for an eye’ when it comes to payback. However after undergoing spiritual change I would not seek to payback anyone.

9.       9.A few years ago my friend told me that she liked a guy and me and that guy became best friends a while after that. During our friendship she made it seem as though she did not like him anymore and I began to like him. I ensured that I told her and she upheld a ‘don’t care’ fa├žade. So I continued in my relationship with the guy only to realize that she still liked him and was hurting terribly from it.

     10. I would say that I already received the punishment that I would give to myself because I went through heart ache when I lost her as friend. I had many sleepless nights and teary mornings but fortunately she is now my close friend again.

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