Thursday, 11 October 2012

Character sketch

Camillo-he was the king’s servant (a noble man from sicilia) until he was accused of conspiring with Hermione to keep her affair a secret and refused to poison Polixenes. He fled with Polixenes to Bohemia.

Polixenes- he is the king of bohemia and a childhood friend of Leontes (the king of Sicilia). However,that friendship was corrupted when he fled from Leontes’ presence after being accused of cohabiting and impregnating Hermione.

Hermione-she is the wife of Leontes and the Queen of Sicilia. She is imprisoned after being accused by her husband of infidelity.She suddenly died from grief after her sons death.

Leontes is the protagonist of the play and the King of Sicilia. He is a ‘jealous tyrant’ who accused his wife of committing adultery with Polixnes who was his childhood friend. His jealousy led to the demise of his family.

Paulina-she is a faithful lady of Hermione from Sicilia. She is also the wife of Antigonus. she refuses to believe that Hermione is guilty and consequently remains with her.

Antigonus-he is the husband of paulina and the man who was put in charge of abandoning the baby(Perdita) belonging to Hermione and Leontes despite his belief in Hermione’s innocence.

Mamillius-the son of Hermione and Leontes who dies from grief which surfaced when his mother was imprisoned

Cleomenes-he is a lord of Sicilia who was sent to Delphi to retrieve the oracle’s prophecy

Dion-he is a lord of Sicilia who also went to collect the prophecy from the oracle with Cleomenes

Emilia-she is a lady of Paulina who Paulina visited at the prison when she was denied visitation to the Queen

Archidamus-he is a lord from Bohemia who began the play with Cleomenes describing the relationship that
existed between the two kings.

Perdita-She is the daughter of Hermione And Leontes who was sent by Leontes to be abandoned. she was found by  a Shepherd. she is the heir to Leontes’ throne whom the oracle told him he must find.

Clown-the son of the Sheperd

Shepherd-the man who found Perdita and raised her.

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  1. This is somewhat vague,since it is a character sketch your work could have been more detailed.